Fall Picks: Once Upon a Time in Wonderland

First off, I want to say that I’m always a fan of all things fairytale. When Once Upon a Time in Wonderland premiered, I was happy to be back in a world that was briefly touched upon in the Once Upon a Time series. Now that I’ve seen two episodes, I’m starting to get a feel for the show and here is what I think.

+ Grandiose costumes and settings are one of the best parts of the show. Nothing beats the elaborate designs and I truly enjoy seeing the setting from Alice’s point of view.
+ The villains are devious and for now, it seems they hold all the cards.
+ The modern England that Alice comes from has a sinister feel in response to her stories about Wonderland. In any case, this action is rational.

– Not much back story is given other than Alice’s. I feel at this point, we should have a bit more information about the Knave of Hearts, the Red Queen and Jafar. What are Knave and Alice friends? Why does the Red Queen want Alice on her “board”? Why does Jafar want with the Genie? What are Alice and Knave going to do now that the Queen and Jafar have the Genie and the lamp? The questions are endless.
– The mechanics of Wonderland does not make sense. Jafar is exceedingly powerful in a land that belongs to the Red Queen. What’s to stop him from destroying her, and getting everything for himself?
-The pacing seems a bit slow.

= Verdict: I will a couple more episodes before I decide whether or not to drop it.

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