Silhouette Urban Mind Body Fitness Yoga Blends Class

Continuing with my Groupon deal, I attended a yoga class at Silhouette Urban Mind Body Fitness in the Brooklyn area. This Yoga Blends class was taught by Allison.

Attire: You can pretty much wear what you want as long as you are comfortable. There is a changing room with lockers. The lockers and locks are available for no extra charge.

What to bring: In terms of equipment, yoga mats are provided free of charge, but I recommend bringing your own for sanitary purposes. Blocks are also provided.

My Experience:
The Silhouette Urban Mind Body Fitness studio is for women only. It is a moderately sized with machines, weights and a sectioned area for classes. Everything was really nice and clean. Upon arrival, the girl behind the counter helped me with sign-in. She let me know that if I was interested in a membership, she would be available to explain things to me. She wasn’t pushy at all.

It was a small class (less than 10 people), and the instructor, Allison greeted me upon arrival. She was helpful and it was easy to follow along with her. She set a quicker pace than what I am normally use to. Other than that, I had no problems. To the beginner yoga practitioner, this class would workout your body. I would say that my muscles were sore afterwards. This yoga blends class was nice, and there are modifications for those who want it to be tougher or easier. Allison was encouraging and the hour just flew by quickly.

I think overall it was a good experience. For more information on Yoga Blends at Silhouette, visit their website here.

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