Book Talk: The Selection/ Kiera Cass

The Selection
I think of Hunger Games, America’s Next Top Model and The Bachelor when I read this book. Mind you, it is bits and pieces of all these movies and television shows, but I can’t help but think about them when I am reading certain scenes in this book.

America Singer is Five in the caste system. She and her family are artists, and while they are not starving, they are trying to make ends meet. She is in love with Aspen who is in a lower caste, but she doesn’t care. His family has it even harder than hers, but she is willing to save up so that she can have a family with Aspen. When the selection comes along for a girl who will become the prince’s wife, America doesn’t want to sign up. However Aspen entreats her, as he doesn’t want to hold her back. They get into a fight regarding his status as a Six that leads to their breakup.

When America gets chosen to be one of the 35 girls vying for the prince’s hand, she doesn’t know what to expect. She goes with a heavy heart, but soon she realizes that the prince is not who she thought he was. She speaks to him honestly, and they establish a mutual friendship of sorts. Things take a turn when Aspen is drafted to be a palace guard, and she has feelings for both Aspen and the prince.

Thoughts and sentiments
I really liked The Selection. I am reminded of the Hunger Games in the setting. The caste system is so unyielding that the selection can be compared to the lottery in the Hunger Games. Here, people are excited to signup, but America doesn’t feel that way. Her clandestine meetings with Aspen brings feelings of young love and the idealistic happily ever after that she wishes will come.

The Bachelor aspect of this book is the selection process itself. The concept of the selection is disguised as celebratory thing, but it seems a bit more calculating than that.

I like that America stays true to herself even if that means yelling at the prince. In a sea of shiny jewels, opulent dresses, and beautiful girls, the girl who considers herself plain will unexpectedly shine. The characters are not overly complex, and I appreciate the danger of the attacks on the palace which hints at a bigger external conflict. I really want to know who America picks as they are both level in my eyes.

The Selection surprisingly kept my attention and I will be picking up the sequel.
More information about The Selection by Kiera Cass here.

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