Keshava Radha Yoga

Thanks to the Groupon deal I purchased, I was able to try Keshava Radha Yoga which is pretty accessible near 36th St in Manhattan. Since I am pretty much a yoga newbie, I like to document and share my experiences during my first time practicing Hatha Yoga.

Attire: There is not a strict policy there so you can pretty much wear what you want. There is a changing room.

What to bring: In terms of equipment, yoga mats are provided free of charge. I recommend bringing your own for sanitary purposes, but you can always wipe down the mats. You will perspire, and this yoga is a workout. If you have a knapsack with you, you can place your things and your shoes on a chubby outside the room.

My Experience:
The studio was a very relaxing and calming atmosphere. It was a small class, and there were no loud distractions. The instructor, Radha, had a very soothing quality about her; she went nice and slow with her pace. She occasionally came around to adjust my poses and help me get a deeper stretch. She was very helpful.

To the beginner yoga practitioner, I couldn’t believe how hard some of the stretches were. I’m still feeling soreness in my muscles. However, this yoga is doable. It leaned toward the more traditional Indian style of yoga I am used to. It focused on flow, postures, breathing exercises and relaxation. I felt much relaxed after my class, and the instructor passed out green tea after our class.

I really enjoyed this experience, and I felt wonderful after this class. I thoroughly recommend try this class for beginners. For more information on Keshava Radha Yoga, visit their website here.

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