Book Talk: Spark/ Amy Kathleen Ryan

The sequel to Glow, (my review here) Spark brings us closer to the inner workings of the Empyrean and how nothing can function without trust.

Continuing from Glow, Waverly and Kieran are aboard the Empyrean, but there is unrest among the crew members. Kieran is acting commander, but he did not get elected to the spot, which creates trouble for him. Now that Waverly and Kieran are no longer together, their opposing views leave him suspicious of her activities. Seth is thrown into their brig without just trial, until he is released by someone wanting to cause trouble on the Empyrean.

The New Horizons makes contact, and Kieran refuses to bow down to their command. Little does he know that every step closer to the New Horizons he takes, a saboteur is unraveling his ship. In his first confrontation with the leader of New Horizons, everything that could possibly go wrong does, and it is hard not to feel everything slipping out of his control.

Thoughts and sentiments
Spark did not have the same shock factor as Glow. I see each of the characters transitioning into a self they would have never expected to be. Misplaced anger and mistrust runs rife on board the ship. I can see Kieran wanting to be a good leader, but things are increasingly difficult when his crew is younger than he is, and they don’t even know if their parents are alive. On the other hand, Waverly has turned into a darker character because of her experience on the New Horizons in the previous book. Lastly, there is Seth, who was Kieran’s opponent in the first book, but turns into a somewhat “good” character. Because of his previous actions, no one will listen to him now, even when he wanted to warn them that there was something terrible about to happen.

The author creates these intricate characters, and I wonder if they will ever recover from all the things they have done and have been done unto themselves. I feel Kieran needs to listen and express his worries to others. Waverly needs to not act so rashly, and Seth needs to earn everyone’s respect.

Overall, I think it was a decent read in this series. Glow packed a stronger punch in my opinion.
More information about Spark by Amy Kathleen Ryan here.

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