Book Talk: The Shattered Dark/ Sandy Williams

Shattered Dark
I finally got around to reading the sequel to The Shadow Reader. It was not what I had expected especially considering how the first book left off. If you haven’t seen my first book talk on The Shattered Dark, here it is.

McKenzie is trying to get her mundane human life back together, but it is proving to be an extremely difficult task. She is constantly in danger and the fae are always pulling her into their world. When she finds out that her friend Paige is taken by enemy fae, McKenzie does whatever she can to rescue Paige.

Since the last book, the fae realm is in chaos from the overthrowing and eventual killing of their current king. McKenzie goes to the Realm to see if she can enlist some help in finding Paige. She finds herself in many close-to-death situations.

Thoughts and sentiments
I think it was a decent read if you’re looking to follow up on the first book, but it is not something I would run out to get. I was a little bored with the politics of the Realm and that seemed to play a huge part in the story. The rescuing of Paige was not as smoothly done as I would have hoped, because at the end, McKenzie only had an educated guess as to who the real culprit behind the kidnapping was. There are many minor happenings that move along the plot such as the ongoing war, Paige being injected with something that gives her the sight of the Fae and how this will eventually kill her. I felt like a lot of things that occur was based on circumstance. It was incredulous to me that Paige didn’t seem overly upset at her impending departure from the world and that she happens to have an ex-boyfriend who is a chemist, he-who could probably find her a cure. That was a mouthful to get out, but when too many things just “happen” without rhyme or reason, I really can’t wrap my head around this.

I haven’t even begun to talk about McKenzie, Aren and Kyol. There seems to be a lot misunderstanding and silence between McKenzie and Aren that lasts pretty much until the end of the book. When they make up, she almost gets killed at which Kyol life-bonds with her. Um, okay, what just happened you say? Basically the guy who gave her up and said they could be friends lied and now he’s permanently connected to her life from this point onwards. How is this going to work, since she loves Aren, you say? I have no clue.

Now McKenzie almost back where she started, trying to get her human life restarted again. She tries to regain some semblance of a normal life so often that I’ve lost count. Now she has even more problems with her semi-relationship with Aren (if I could even call it that) and her almost non-existent relationship with Kyol. Oh, boy.

I am glad there was that twist in McKenzie’s relationships at the end, because happily ever after never came without a fight. My interest is piqued in a “Oh! That’s surprising.” rather than a “I must have it immediately!!!” way.
Till next time…

The Shattered Dark by Sandy Williams

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