Year in Review: 2012

Since the year is almost up, I’d like to do a little recap of any trends that caught my eye. Someday I can look back and think, I can’t believe that is what was popular those days. The following is listed in no particular order.

1. Standout colors: Coral/tangerine was huge in the summer. People were sporting this color on their lips, face and clothing. When fall came along, the orange out quickly replace with the crimson ox blood color. Dark reds always seem to be fall-appropriate.

2. Accessories: The Peter Pan/school girl collars were present on clothing and as wearable necklaces. The collars were a statement piece of this year for sure. Neon accessories were also very popular. I saw bright yellows, oranges, greens and pinks on necklaces, rings, bracelets, you name it.

3. Hair: The two-tone dip dye hair was very popular, as it was seen on many celebrities. Bright pinks, blues and purples appeared on the tips of many a girl’s hair.

4. Songs that defined the year: Before Gangnam Style hit the airwaves, Carly Rae Jepsen’s Call Me Maybe was the song of the summer. I remember listening to this while I was preparing my presentations for class, and it just put me in the greatest mood. I will never forget how happy I felt while juggling 3 major projects, and it was all thanks to this song. And, how could we forget about PSY’s Gangnam Style? It became a viral hit seemingly overnight, with due credit. The music video was hilarious, the song catchy and the horse dance instant parody material.

5. Books: Hunger Games was a book that was made into a movie, and it was a monster success. With your life literally in your own hands, it seems there is never a moment where the characters can catch a break. And what is 2012 without the Fifty Shades series? Enough said.

6. Movies: There were several superhero movies (Dark Knight, Spiderman and Avengers) that came out. Wreck-It Ralph was hands down the cutest cartoon movie of the year. Using video game villains = genius move.

That’s all for now!

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