Ecotools Brushes Review

Getting a good set of brushes was always one thing I needed. Even though I don’t use a lot of products, it is always nice to have a nice brush handy in case I want to look extra special a certain day. So, I ended up with this earth-friendly bag and brushes by Alicia Silverstone for ecotools. The 5 brushes in this set are blush, mini foundation, mini face, detailed eye shading and spoolie brushes.

Since there was an awesome deal on ecotools, so I decided to get the single bamboo bronzer brush as well. I don’t really use bronzer, but I was looking for a fluffy brush to dust setting powder, and this was the one. This or a kabuki style brush was what I was looking for.

My thoughts
The bag is made with natural hemp and cotton which is eco-friendly. There is a simple, but pretty design of grass and purple buds. There are two compartments, a clear banded side for the brushes and a closed side for the rest of my things. What I like about the clear side is that the band makes sure all my brushes are neatly placed and I can see which one I want immediately. It is convenient. The closed side is great for storage of products, compacts, and any other small items. This bag is great overall to take for traveling.

Enclosed in the bag is a little description card with instructions on how to use the brushes. It is great for beginners, and the brushes are multifunctional. I like the variety of brushes in this set. I have washed all these brushes after use, and they do not shed at all. The bristles were super soft on my skin. I wished this set had a big fluffy brush, so that is why I got the bronzer brush as well. I liked the sustainable bamboo handle. It has a good weight to it, and I feel like it would not break apart on me. This brush also had soft bristles and did not shed.

These brushes were not extremely expensive, meaning I didn’t have to pay 20+ dollars for a single brush. However, I feel like these are very nice quality for the price, and they will last me a very long time. I like the clean-looking and eco-friendly handles. There are other sets or individual items that might suit your needs if you are looking for different items.

EcoTools by Alicia Silverstone Brush Set & Bag
Bamboo Bronzer Brush

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