Dr. Jart+ Premium Beauty Balm SPF 45/PA+++ Review

Dr. Jart+ Premium Beauty Balm

Weight- 10mL/0.33 Fl.Oz.
Made in Korea

Initial Reaction:
It comes in a taupe-brown tube with a black plastic cap. The full size one comes with a pump. This is a sample size, so the ingredients are not listed, but the link to the ingredients is above. There is a brief product description, which says “Sunscreen/ Anti Aging/ Skin Brightening/ Flawless Coverage.”

The balm has a very light indiscernible scent that is barely noticable. When the product is smoothed into the skin, the cream is very light and absorbs well.

After all:
Straight out of the tube, the bb cream looked very dark for my skin tone. It has a pink undertone, which I thought wouldn’t match me because I lean more yellow. When I applied it to a side of my face and sheered it out, surprisingly the cream matched. I compared it to my other side, and I noticed that my skin looked brighter. It looked glow-y in the best possible way. Also, I really like the fact that it has SPF 45 as I am very diligent about applying sunscreen when I go out.

It partially does what it claims. I don’t really have a way of measuring the anti-aging properties, but it does have sunscreen and it does brighten my skin. It didn’t give as flawless as a coverage as I would have hoped. It did even my skin tone out as bit, but I can still see my blemishes after I applied it.

Last important note, this product does have parabens unfortunately.

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