Après toute

The Name

Après toute means after all. To me, this is a little pause before my final thoughts. It will sum up everything I want to say as succinctly as possible.

The Open

This is where my blogging experience begins! I’ve always thought about starting a blog, and now seems to be as good as a time as any. I am excited to share things that I love, hate and all feelings in between. Life is about taking chances before you decide to like/dislike something. I’d like to share my thoughts on skincare products (to a lesser degree makeup products), books, music and anything that makes me laugh & smile.

Simply Me

To understand some product reviews I will mention what condition my skin is in. In the past three years, I’ve grown extremely conscious of how everything affects my skin. Whether it be weather conditions, new product I’m using or daily habits, something is always changing. My facial epidermis has been to the extremes- oily (summer), normal (fall/spring) and dry (winter). It is through the transition seasons of fall and spring that my skin gets very sensitive before going to extremes. I’d say my skin is a combination. My hair texture is relatively straight, and thick. I will give more details if needed.